Got a secret? Some gossip? Or just a confession? Well feel free to spread the information, there's no need to be shy here.

How to submit a confession -- Just go to our ask box and send us a message with what you want us to say. We'll make the picture with the confession on it for you.

If you send the confession off anon, then it will be told who sent the confession. If you send it off anon but want us to label is as 'anon' just make sure to tell us.

Ready To Spill.

Check out confessions for certain cast members.

Aislinn Paul

Alex Steele

Alexx Benoit

Alicia Josipovic

Annie Clark

Cristine Prosperi

Jessica Tyler

Jordan "Jordy" Todosey

Justin Kelly

Luke Bilyk

Lyle O'Donohue

Melinda Shankar

Munro Chambers

Olivia Scriven

Ricardo Hoyos

Samantha Munro

Spill Your Fucking Guts.

- Anon

- Anon

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